Saturday, November 7, 2009

NettieGs Christmas Cards

Hello Visitors,
I have Five different designs of Christmas Cards at  NettieGs.  You can mix or match to get a Set of 10 cards and envelopes for $5.00.  I also have 4 available 8.5" X 11.0" prints from my original artwork for sale at $20.00 each.


Available Christmas cards at 15% off starting November 9, 2009 through December 10, 2009.

Available Prints of my Original Artwork at 15% off starting November 9, 2009 through November 20, 2009. 



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Place for Jesus in My Day-To-Day Life

How can I tell you how important it is to be able to have someone on whom you can depend?  I am not speaking of a friend of the human kind, although, a true human friend is important when we need to lean on someone.  I am not speaking of a wife or husband, although, true loving and caring spouses are special partnerships that can be a comfort in hard times.  The only true someone who will never fail you because of other commitments, illness or death and on whom you can always depend is God, through Jesus Christ.

It took me 52 years to understand how important I was to Him.  So many times throughout those years, looking back, I see clearly certain circumstances that could have cost me my life, except He intervened.  Jesus walked between Satan and me throughout those years because God had a purpose for my life, and He became my savior, actually and Spiritually, years before I knew Him as my Savior, felt His forgiveness and gave my life to Him, completely.  My faith is entirely with and in Him.  What have I to lose with my life in His hands?

He stills walks with me everyday, only now, I know he is there.  He keeps His promise of being with me through whatever comes my way.  His Spirit surrounds me like a cool breeze or a warm blanket when my human weaknesses try to get the best of me.  His arms comfort me when my heart is heavy with sorrow.
He has led our family through a deep dark valley for over two years.  His voice was the light that showed us the steps we must take, and continually reminded us to keep our eyes on the blue skies above us - the Father's smile and welcome home, again.

I travel through each day with Him as my sunshine, a cool breeze or a comforting sound that seems to come from nowhere.  But, I know He is reminding me that He is as close to me as those things and even nearer, and all I need to do is trust Him.  If He loved me and took care of me when I chose to go my own way, how wonderful to know what He will do for me now that I have given my life into His care for as long as I live.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Artfire Shop

I would love for you to visit my Artfire Shop, and let me know what you think.   NettieGs is the name of my shop on ArtFire.  You will find my Christmas Cards and some of my art prints which are available at the present time.  Hopefully after the first of the year, 2010, I will have more products and items available.  I know I will have Wedding Veils available most all of the time because I truly enjoy designing and creating them and have for many years.

A partial view of the veil I designed and made
for my daughter.  I also did the overlay on the bodice
of her gown and her necklace.


Christmas Mail 

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Time Passes so Fast .........

It's been a while (well a looooooooooooooong time) since I've posted. Ben's surgery for the most part has been very successful. He does have to have another surgery to replace one of the arteries in his heart that is not growing. This might be done within a month or so.

Ben in the NICU right after his open heart surgery. I wept when I saw the pictures. He made it to seven months before he had to have it done. Bless his little heart. You can see the fear and confusion despite being under the influence of the meds.

Ben with Daddy watching over his little son. They let him put his lion in the crib next to him as a reminder of the lion of the Scriptures that David's mighty man, Benaiah chased into a pit and killed on a cold snowy day.

Ben, able to sit up a while in his boppie.

Ben seems to be studying his "battle scars" with a little pride.

"Wow! Thank goodness I still got my feet!" "OK, Daddy, lets get out of this place!"

Ben was released earlier than most babies who have as serious a condition as he had.