Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time Passes so Fast .........

It's been a while (well a looooooooooooooong time) since I've posted. Ben's surgery for the most part has been very successful. He does have to have another surgery to replace one of the arteries in his heart that is not growing. This might be done within a month or so.

Ben in the NICU right after his open heart surgery. I wept when I saw the pictures. He made it to seven months before he had to have it done. Bless his little heart. You can see the fear and confusion despite being under the influence of the meds.

Ben with Daddy watching over his little son. They let him put his lion in the crib next to him as a reminder of the lion of the Scriptures that David's mighty man, Benaiah chased into a pit and killed on a cold snowy day.

Ben, able to sit up a while in his boppie.

Ben seems to be studying his "battle scars" with a little pride.

"Wow! Thank goodness I still got my feet!" "OK, Daddy, lets get out of this place!"

Ben was released earlier than most babies who have as serious a condition as he had.

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